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        "Trend Management" PLtd. always provides up-to-date information regarding opened calls for finance and other opportunities for micro, small, medium size and big enterprises, NGOs, schools and health care centers, municipalities, individuals who wish to start their own business to apply for...
        The new program period 2014-2020 started in 2014 and Bulgaria (particularly, Bulgarian institutions, companies and individuals) could apply for and receive grants under programs, co-financed by the EU funds, for economic development, development of the human resources, agriculture, to improve their administrative capacity, the infrastructure and many others.
        In the period 2007-2013, Bulgaria had the opportunity to receive several billion Euro under seven Operative programs for grant finance in relation to the joining the European Union and achieving the standards of the EU:
    1. Operative program "Competitiveness"
    2. Operative program "Human Resources Development"
    3. Operative program "Administrative Capacity"
    4. Operative program "Regional Development"
    5. Operative program "Environment"
    6. Operative program "Technical Assistance"
    7. Operative program "Transport"
        The Bulgarian entrepreneurs have the opportunity to apply for grant finance also under other programs outside the above mentioned, including amongst them the following:
    1. Program for Rural Development - to subsidize farms, construction of modern infrastructure and supporting the development of the alternative tourism and businesses in the small municipalities.
    2. Programs of the Agency for disabled people - to start a proper business; - to purchase equipment and to hire disabled people; - to adapt cultural, historical and public places and buildings.
    3. Long Life Learning Program with sector programs Comenius, Grundtvig, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci.
    4. Youth in Action Program, 7th Framework Program, programs of national, international organizations and other financing institutions.
        It is necessary to contact us, to share your idea and we will find the appropriate program to apply for. You could receive detail information for each program as well as regarding the eligibility of the relevant candidate on the relevant web sites, if you contact us.
       Why should you work with us? We can't guarantee 100% approval of a specific project for finance (nobody can give you such guarantee!), but we guarantee honest relationships and trust among our clients because:
- we perform preliminary assessment of each project proposal and evaluate the chance for approval by the financing institution.
- if we determine that the project is ineligible, we don't assume any obligation and respectively we don't receive payment. 
- we advise the client how he/she could make his project eligible or how he/she could receive finance from another program.
- in case, the project is eligible for finance, we evaluate the perspectives of the relevant business.
- we prepare the project documentation and work for the successful finance of the project.
- we support the client in the project management until receiving the grant and after that during its reporting and management.
        Our principles:
- striving for excellence and successful business projects;
- objectivity, professionalism, confidentiality and trust;
- maintaining long term relationships with our clients and partners;
- using the best practices, offering creative ideas and decisions.

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